What Is Creative Writing?

How To Be Creative and Save Your Hair Too!

So, what is creative writing anyway?

According to Wikipedia:
Writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics!


In other words, Writing, where the writer gets to use his imagination, his feelings, and creativity to create a fiction story. Something that he created in his own mind, not a fact.

A sample of Creative Writing’

Fiction Novel, Poems, Short Stories, Screenplays, Television Scripts, Poetry, even Video Games, etc.

This kind of writing entertains the reader. The writer uses his own imagination to create a fantasy world where he creates the Location, Characters, gives them Personalty, Creates Conflict, Solutions, more Conflict, and ends with A Happy Ending – Or Not!

Not all stories end happily for example:

Alice in Wonderland

Little Women

Myself, I’d rather have a Happy Ending. When I take the time to read a book, I want the privilege of guessing how it will end, I prefer Happy, but THAT’S just my opinion. What do you think?


Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, Learn How To Become A Very Creative Writer!

What Does It Take To Become A Creative Writer?

The goal of creative writing is to entertain your reader. So, what makes the difference between the good writer or the bad writer? Good writing will capture the reader’s attention from the get-go! From that first sentence, you have to set the stage. Their feelings and emotions are in your hands. You have the power to make them laugh or cry, or even feel anger,  that is where your creativity comes in. You have to think about what will bring out their feelings, this is how you get them involved in your story.

1. You Have To Write For Your Reader! You’ll have to give them a reason to want to keep reading and not put that book down!

How do You Do that? With practice, practice, and more practice! You have to write daily, just like anything else, “Practice Makes Perfect”.

It’s just like typing, you wouldn’t be very fast without Practice.  You wouldn’t want a Doctor to operate on you without practice. The same is true of writing.

2. You have to have the Desire to Write!

Just like anything else, you have to have a burning desire. Say you wanted to buy a brand new car, you wouldn’t walk into a showroom without any cash or credit and say I’ll take that car. They’d laugh you right out of there. That would give you the determination to scrimp and save till you were able to get that car, now THAT’S real desire.

That goes for Writing too. You’ve always had the feeling that you have a story to tell, which is aching to out. But, and this is a big but, you are afraid! Believe me nothing in this life comes easy, or without practice, or without learning the How-To of your desire. You have to work at it.

Think about Michael Jordan, do you think he got to be one of the best Basket Ball Player in the world by being afraid? No, he found his courage, he practiced nonstop, he never gave up and look what his desire accomplished!

That is what you have to do too, is practice every day. Even if your just writing for yourself, in the beginning, start with a short story, edit it, redo it and redo it again till you finally have a story THAT’S worthy of sharing.

3. You have to keep on reading!

Why would you have to read, if you are the one doing the writing.  We all have our favorite Authors, they write books we can’t put down. Think about it, these are the people you want to emulate, not copy, but learn from. You need to figure out what they did to make you keep on reading when you were tired and said just one more page. We’ve all done that and woke up in the morning still holding the book. How did they make you laugh or cry, and feel all the emotions that they wanted you to feel? How were they able to control you? Learn how they switched back and forth from scene to scene and threw in conflict after conflict that made the story exciting. You felt like they were letting you try to figure out what would happen next. You were HOOKED. Isn’t that what you want your book to read like, why not learn from the best!

4. You have to have a Vivid Imagination!

You have to make the reader see what you want them to see thru your eyes.

If  I said, ” She saw the box sitting in the corner”, that isn’t very colorful is it?

They If I said ” She saw the Old Wooden Crate sitting in the corner covered with Dust and Cobwebs. It looked well worn, there was only a trace of the red letters that had probably shown brightly when it was new. In it appeared to be the Antique Books I was looking for!” Can you see just what I want you to see?

You have to let your imagination go, you are their eyes. You have to get their imaginations going. THAT’S why you hear people say I liked the book a lot better than the Movie. When I read, I feel like I am actually in the Book the Author-Created, I can see it. Isn’t that what a Great Book is? Think about It!

There are many more things that will help you create the book that is in your mind, until next time,

                                                                                                               Practice, Practice, Practice


                                                                                                                             Get Writing!





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