About Us

Helping New Writers to Succeed with their dream to Write

Write For Your Readers!

Our Approach

“Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” for this Blog was to help new writers realize┬átheir dreams to write!

Our Goal is to give you help and advice, answer questions and help you to the best of our ability to become the Author that is already in You!

It will be a community of Writers Helping Writers!

My Story

Every Idea has a beginning, and this is my Dream. I have always been an avid Book reader. In fact, I always have one in my purse just in case I have a chance to Read.

This Blog is my way of reaching out to new “Soon To Be Authors” and show them that they are not alone. I was once in your shoes and am still learning and still Writing.

Together we will go forward, learn, share and Write!

Author & Blogger Donna Harvey

Meet the Team, That’s Me!

I always find that I want to see the face behind the Writer just to see if they really are human or some sort of Artificial Intelligence!

So, here I am, my name is Donna Harvey (definitely a human), I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Yep, I’m a Country Girl and Proud of it.

I have always loved to read and thought someday I’ll try my hand at writing a book. I thought how hard can it be? You have an idea, you write it down and people will want to read it. How nieve am I? I’m still learning “The How To’s!

I think Writers have something special in them that makes them different, a Story Within that needs to get out. After much reading writing and learning, now it’s my turn to share with you. Time to pay it back.

Hope you’ll spend a lot of time here with me. I’ll expect your comments and what you have to contribute that will help all of us.

See Ya Soon,